My Paula’s Choice empties… which shall stay, which shall go?

My Paula’s Choice empties… which shall stay, which shall go?

I spend the last few weeks of every year de-cluttering my life and taking stock of what I liked and I didn’t. You may recall that last year I partnered with PRIMP and tested out a new skincare regime from Paula’s Choice, and I have been working my way through everything I received (and more).

So without further ado, skincare I actually finished for once…

Paulas Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid Lotion

The Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Line really helped reduce the redness in my skin and gave my face an all over glow I hadn’t seen in awhile. It works to gently exfoliate skin and remove any imperfections and dead skin cells. During my partnership with PRIMP, I received the 1% BHA Lotion to try out, but once I finished it I went back to my tried and true 2% BHA Liquid. I much prefer the formula of the 2% and found I had better results.

Paulas Choice Skin Recovery Lotion

The Skin Recovery line is best suited for sensitive skin that is prone to redness like mine. This works on dry to very dry skin and helps restore hydration while soothing. I liked the Replenising Moisturizer as a night cream during the summer although it’s not quite moisturizing enough once it gets a bit colder out. The Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30… well I am on my second bottle of that. Now I wouldn’t say it is a slam dunk and I have since replaced it with a different facial sunscreen (from Coola) but it is a really good option for those with sensitive skin.

Paulas Choice Resist

The three treatments I received cover a whole host of skin issues I have, from sensitivity, to aging, to dark spots and enlarged pores. Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum is a really rich formula, like an oil-in-gel, that brightens skin and rebuilds firmness. Unfortunately I did not like the feel of this on my skin, so I discontinued use.

But these other two products, holy grail time! Resist Vitamin C Spot Treatment fades dark spots, and boy am I starting to get those. This has slowly started to fade the sun damage on my skin, mostly on the side of my face under my eye (years of driving with the window down and no sunscreen… eek!). It really, really works and I have already placed my order for another tube. Resist BHA 9 is a concentrated salicylic acid treatment that has made a huge difference in the look of the pores around my nose and it has even reduced blackheads.

Paulas Choice Keepers

So if you haven’t figured it out already, I will be repurchasing the 2% BHA Liquid (already repurchased), Resist Vitamin C Spot Treatment and Resist BHA 9. It’s rare that I feel the need to repurchase any skincare, but I’ve finally found some game-changing products that are worth it!

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