My Top 10 Lush Cosmetics Christmas picks for 2013

My Top 10 Lush Cosmetics Christmas picks for 2013

Lush Cosmetics always has the cutest and most divine Holiday items.  The return of their Christmas line is one of my favorite times of year… SNOW FAIRY SEASON! Can’t decide what to get? Here are my Top 10 picks from Lush’s Christmas collection.

1. TWILIGHT Shower Gel – you won’t find Belle and Edward in this bottle, but you WILL find a delicious sweet lavender scent that will calm your nerves and soothe your soul. Try the matching bath bomb too!


2. SNOW FAIRY Shower Gel – my all-time favorite Lush scent. It’s a sweet cotton candy, bubble-gummy smell that reminds me of county fairs and The CNE. There’s a little purple shimmer in here, but it doesn’t stick to your skin.


3. SNOWCAKE Soap bar – who knew almonds could smell so good! This sweet and delectable marzipan soap is simply heavenly. I discovered this scent last year when they released the matching fragrance during a Lush Chat party. And the retro Smitten hand cream has the same scent!


4. SUGAR PLUM FAIRY sugar scrub – this scent will make you dream of ballerinas dancing through a citrus grove… but seriously, it smells really nice. Sort of sweet, sort of floral with a bit of a citrus zing. Plus it uses Fair Trade sugar to get your skin silky smooth.


5. BUCHE DE NOEL facial cleanser – back by popular demand, this brandy-soaked face scrub uses ground almonds, clay and seaweed to give your face a delicate glow. If you like Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin, you will love this!


6. GOLDEN WONDER bath bomb – I grabbed this last year during Lush’s ridiculously amazing Boxing Day sale (50% off anyone?). And what a neat surprise! You start out with the rich scent of cognac and orange, and as the bomb melts away, there are little presents inside! If you’re familiar with the Snowshowers scent, this is very similar.


7. SECRET SANTA bath bomb –  a similar idea to Golden Wonder where there is a surprise inside, only this scent is inspired by that signature scent every Lush store has but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is… you know the one!


8. LUXURY LUSH PUD bath bomb – another lavender scent very similar to Twilight, it’s sweet, soothing and a little herbal. This bath bomb froths up in a rainbow of bath time bubbles!


9. RANDY buttercream soap – this is a real blast from the past. One of my fave Retro items, the  boozy buttery scented cream soap is really only 15% soap… the rest is the pure goodness of shea and cocoa butter.


10. SIKKIM GIRLS body lotion – hello there ladies… glad you could make it. What a gorgeous scented lotion! I fell in love with the Sikkim Girls fragrance earlier this year with the release of the new Lush Gorilla Perfume line. I am glad they made this vanilla jasmine with a hint of tea scent into a lotion. I am going to stock up on this one.

Remember, once these sell out they are gone for the season. They are available online now and are currently making their way to Lush stores across North America and the UK.
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  • Wow! Sign me up for one of each!! I too am a big lover of the Snow Fairy scent! If they ever release a perfume, I will be SOOO HAPPY! This cracked me up: “This scent will make you dream of ballerinas dancing through a citrus grove”! Sounds like something I’d be into!

    • I’m just waiting for it to hit the stores so I can stock up. I just ran out of Snow Fairy!!!

  • Ashesela

    I am loving Lush’s Christmas collection!! Great picks! 😀

    • They always make the cutest, most irresistible seasonal products!