My Trip to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC

My Trip to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC

Making a custom lipstick at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab was #1 on my list when I went to NYC last month. But when faced with the choice of what lipstick shade to choose, it was tough. Did I want the perfect red? Did I want a 90’s pinky brown a la Jennifer Aniston? After much debate, my inspiration was…

Bite Beauty Lip Lab soho Kat Dennings

The beautiful Kat Dennings! She is definitely one of my favourite actresses and always has a statement lipstick on.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab soho

When I arrived for my appointment, I sat down at one of the booths with my Lip Lab Technician/Artist, Brigid, and we chatted colours. I showed her my inspiration photos and said, “berry, wine-stained, with a touch of brown”.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab soho

Before you get started, you have to prep your lips. We used the Bite Beauty Lipstick Removing Wipes, followed by a quick Cherry Lip Scrub and a touch of Agave Lip Mask.

Then the magic happens! From 35 different shades, she began mixing a few together to try to match it exactly. A little pink, a little burgundy, a deep red.

I tried the shade on about 3 times throughout the process to give feedback, asking for more pink or more brown. She mixed Meritage, Tannin and Scarlet together with a hint of brown to give it depth. This was my perfect Kat Dennings shade.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab 14a

Then you decide on a finish: sheer, matte, creme or luminous. I chose luminous, the most deluxe option.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab soho

After that, you choose a scent or combination of two: cherry, mint, vanilla, citrus, mango, violet or superfruit. I went with cherry + vanilla because it reminded me of Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr Pepper, my all-time fave drink.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab soho

Then this is all put in a container, heated and mixed in a centrifuge. After, your custom blend is poured into the lipstick bullet mold and chilled on this little freezer top. 5 minutes later and your lipstick is removed and packaged up!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab soho

The whole process took about 20 minutes and we had so much fun doing! This is me and my niece Audrey outside the store with our goodies. She made a beautiful peachy coral shade.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Luminous Meritage Tannin Scarlet lipstick Prince Street

The package they give you includes the “ingredients” to the shade you made, just in case you need back-ups.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Luminous Meritage Tannin Scarlet lipstick

And there she is, my Kat shade. Wine, berry with a hint of brown.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Luminous Meritage Tannin Scarlet lipstick

The lipstick bullet they use doesn’t include the Bite Beauty stamp like the Lip Lab shades you can buy on Sephora (read my reviews on those here).

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Luminous Meritage Tannin Scarlet lipstick

The Luminous finish is so shiny and luxurious. It’s very hydrating and doesn’t feather.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Luminous Meritage Tannin Scarlet lipstickSo this shade is pretty much perfect. Not too dark, not too light… and it smells amazing. It also gives me the confidence to amp up my Kat Dennings sass!

If you’re planning on a trip to NYC, I urge you to hit up the Bite Beauty Lip Lab on Prince St. Make sure to reserve your spot though or you’ll be disappointed. (get all the info here)

Don’t forget, the next release in the Bite Beauty Lip Lab comes out tomorrow. It’s a tangy coral rose called Mango Daiquiri, and I am convinced it’s based on Audrey’s shade of lipstick. (available here tomorrow morning)


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  • That is so ridiculously exciting. I love the colour you chose – it’s beautiful on you. Will definitely try to get my butt there in September… but I have nooo idea what colour to choose. Ahhhh.

  • This is so cool, your very own shade! Look gorgeous on you as well!
    I have no clue what I would choose for myself. I’d probably end up with a MLBB shade, lol!

    • it was a tough choice and I made a last minute decision to switch from Jennifer Aniston to Kat Dennings the morning of. The most fun part was choosing the fragrance!

  • aHHHH this is on the “beauty bucket list”

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Absolutely gorgeous shade. Love it! Now why didn’t Bite Beauty Lip Lab exist when I lived in NYC! Gotta look up the cost of the bespoke lippie. Maybe next trip to the big fruit

    • I know right? All those years I was going to NYC 3-4 times a year and no bespoke lipstick! Regular finishes are $36, Luminous is $48, adding shimmer is an extra $6 (US prices)

  • What a beautiful shade! This is DEFINITELY on my beauty bucket list too!

  • I love it! Great inspiration and the shade turned out so well. Looks amazing on you! I cannot wait to do this 🙂

  • Tanya Lovetere

    I love the shade that you created!

  • So gorgeous!!!!! I so need to go there some day and get one done!

  • This sounds amazing! I love how they make it an an experience. My biggest trouble would be choosing just one to make!

  • that shade is gorgeous! I now want to go and get this done tooo!!!!

  • YES TO KAT DENNINGS YES TO MAKING A CUSTOMIZED BITE LIPSTICK YES TO THE COLOUR!! (I am just very excite, don’t mind me, but yeah, I just love Kat in 2 Broke Girls and I can’t believe she’s dating my fav: Josh Groban)

    We need this in Toronto. What did you end up naming your shade?

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