Nivea In-Shower Body Milk review

Nivea In-Shower Body Milk review

Dry skin in the winter is THE WORST, am I right? Especially on days when you’re wearing pantyhose, skin gets itchy and flaky. Not a good look for me at all. So when I was lucky enough to get a full-sized sample of the new Nivea In-Shower Body Milk, I was pretty excited and hopeful.

How does it work?

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So essentially this takes the place of your regular body lotion, without any greasy residue or wait time before you can throw on your clothes.
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The formula is fairly thick, unscented (although it does have a light lingering and familiar “Nivea” scent).

RESULTS: I am really in love with this product. As soon as I step out of the shower, my skin is soft, fresh and has a bit of a glow to it. I find the in-shower concept to be pretty genius! Usually when I remove my nylons in the winter after along day at the office, I can see some nasty skin “dust” leftover. But NOT THIS WEEK!

The Nivea In-Shower Body Milk will be available in Canada by January for $7.99 CAD.


  • Oh I would love this! Olay made an in-shower body lotion years ago but it’s SO hard to find now. It was LE BOSS HOG! Must see if this Nivea magic is available in the States!