One of a Kind Show Toronto: Holiday 2017 edition #OOAKx17

One of a Kind Show Toronto: Holiday 2017 edition #OOAKx17

I can’t believe I have been sharing my trips to the One of a Kind show in Toronto for the past 4 years! But if you’re new to the blog or haven’t read my posts before, the OOAK show goes on twice a year in Toronto (once in the spring, once around the holidays). This show is packed with artists, makers and everything is either handmade or crafted, not mass produced.

I get a lot of my Christmas shopping done at OOAK because I feel good supporting local small businesses AND I often make friends and connections year after year, and I wait until the show to stock up on goodies. So… here’s this year’s trip and haul!

(Want to skip the trip and see the haul? Right this way, pal.)

Booth Y20 – Moonrox
I always start at the end of the alphabet and mostly because Moonrox has their place there. Every year I pick up a pair of earrings or a hair clip or, this year, a couple pairs of earrings and some gifts.

Moonrox Jewellery uses vintage findings, buttons and fabrics to create these one of a kind pieces. Everything is handmade, so each a bit different.

Booth Y10 – Coats by Mary Ellen
I don’t usually stop at fashion booths, but something about these coats caught my eye. The belted cape style with the Italian wool and fur time really spoke to my inner 50’s housewife.

These capes come in multiple colours and cost, well, more than I can afford (about $700).

Booth Y06 – Illuminati Glassware
I didn’t check the prices on any of this stained glass but those hanging anatomical hearts are rad!

Booth X34 – Rosewell Woodworks
Using real Canadian wood and sturdy metal gears, these coffee grinders, salt cellars and pepper mills are truly works of art.

This gorgeous coffee grinder was only $149. Ok, a bit out of my price range but if you’re looking to get me a gift…

Booth X12 – Sealuxe
A lot of the bath, body and skincare booths come back every year, and I’ve featured almost all of them. Sealuxe is a new-to-me brand that makes handmade soaps and bath products that are toxin-free and created with sustainable ingredients.

The beach glass soap is one of Sealuxe’s signature products and I think it would look great in any ocean-themed bathroom!

Booth W10 – Thomas S. Juh
If you have a horror or zombie fan on your list, these mugs are a must have! Thomas S. Juh doesn’t have much of an online presence, so head to OOAK if you love these as much as I do.

I don’t know how I resisted this zombie planter.

Booth V09 – Mika Sato
Over the past few shows, I’ve seen a lot of artists jump on the succulents bandwagon, so it takes a lot to grab my attention when it comes to floral since the market has become oversaturated. This booth though… what a lush garden it was!

The upside-down planters definitely grabbed my attention and…

There’s a panda in there!

Booth U43 – Biko
I stop by the Biko booth every year but have never actually purchased anything (until this year… but it was a gift so shhh). A lot of these pieces are plated in white gold or gold with a steel centre. These are handcrafted and definitely high quality.

My faves include the geometric shaped bracelets and the earrings on the right that dangle out of the back of the lobe.

Booth U32 – Crywolf
Yes, you’ve definitely seen Crywolf on the blog and in my social feed before. I hit their booth up every OOAK as well as at The Ex. And this year was no different.

While I didn’t grab clothes this time, I already have two sweatshirts and three tanks, I did stock up on more lapel pins!

Booth T23 – Artifact Skin Co.
Back again for another year, Artifact Skin has some of the best face masks around (four clay-based and two non-clay). I was tempted by their show special of $49 CAD for each mask (which is the USD pricing). I passed and decided to try out something from their new product line.

New this year, the Mer-Mer (Mermaid) collection which has a bath milk, hair mist & mask as well as hair oil.

Booth Q25 – Virginie Laliberte
I’ve actually been scouring the city for a cute little pot to put my fancy salt in. I wasn’t planning on paying $38, but I could not resist these handmade ceramic and wood ones.

It literally took me 10 minutes to pick out one of these. I decided to go neutral because who knows where I’ll be living next year!

Booth Q13 – Lilliput Hats
In case you haven’t been paying attention, Lilliput Hats has been in the spotlight lately. Not only does Sophie Trudeau get her hats custom made by Lilliput, but for the last (and final) Tragically Hip tour, Lilliput handmade all of Gord’s hats, with love. (And if you’ve seen Long Time Running, you’re probably crying right now thinking of what those hats really meant).

The red hat was created on a vintage 1920s mold. Thoughtful, quality craftmanship, worth every damn penny.

Booth O53 – Les Industries Groom
I’ve featured this line of men’s care on the blog before, using a guest male blogger, and it received rave reviews. Although there aren’t a ton of stores that carry these products in Toronto, Groom will be at OOAK for the entire show if you’re interested in trying these out!

Booth O24 – Sadie & June
And here’s the first of my no-purchase regrets. These adorable old maps are hand embroidered with hearts and words, so if you want to celebrate someone’s hometown or the place you fell in love, these are a great, affordable gift.

There’s quite a collection too, literally every country I could think of. (Somebody get me that Wanderlust one?)

O23 – Craft Lipstick
AND NOW FOR A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I can make lipstick at home. For $59.99, you get the ingredients, pigments and tools to make 10 lipsticks. I will definitely be playing with this next time I’m with my beauty blogger friends.

And if you want to expand your collection of pigments, it comes with a red, coral and gold, then it’s $5 each to add-on to the kit or $10 on its own.

Booth I48 – Denial Art
One of the happiest surprises of the day was stumbling on the Denial Art booth. Daniel Bombardier, from Windsor, is one of my all-time favourite street artists. I even have some cheap(er) signed prints from the AGO framed on my wall.

These are all done using stencils and spray paint on wood and canvas, which are then sealed with a finishing clear coat so you can even wipe it clean with a cloth. I can’t believe I only bought one piece (and some pins, of course).

Booth D57 – Courtney Downman Glassware
I try to find one or two artists in the Rising Stars section to feature, and Courtney’s work deserves all the praise in the world. These orbs are about $250 and all made by hand. I’m obsessed.

Booth D36 – Canada Bliss Hats
I am always on the hunt for a good, warm hat that fits my big ole noggin. These handknitted ones with adorable fuzzy pom-poms were clear winners for me.

I was definitely eyeing that teal and pink pom-pom hat, but it was $85 CAD. Maybe on my next trip!

Booth C03 – East Van Light
Ok by the time I get to Aisle C, I am exhausted. I was hovering around this booth for a good 15 minutes, oohing and aahing over these bulb desk lamps. They start at $150 (I think) and are handmade using real Canadian woods, all sustainable. Major regret not buying one.

Booth A6 – Double L Decor
Yep, I always end my OOAK trip lugging out a handful of concrete planters. This year, I grabbed a few for friends because I honestly already have five!

New this season, pastel teal and coral planters!!!

Here’s what I bought! Not a bad haul, and it’s sort of colour-coded teal and yellow! haha

My small pot from Virginie Laliberte. About to fill this up with some french grey salt flakes. (I’m fancy, huh?)

Beautiful retro studs from Moonrox.

And some euro-wire dangling flowers, also Moonrox.

Another pin from Crywolf. I may even turn this design into a tattoo.

I got a few pins from Denial Art, all of which are gifts except this one.

Because I have mermaid teal hair already, I figured I needed the wave mist to match from Artifact Skin Co.

Here’s the DIY lipstick kit from Craft Lipstick! It actually came with more stuff, like 10 tubes and some mixing and scooping tools. I can’t wait to get started on this project.

And here’s my Lilliput hat. Isn’t she a beaut!

Look at the gorgeous hand detailing. Every sequin and bead sewn on individually.


Last but not least, my first wood-mounted Denial piece. Definitely won’t be my last. (You know I’m going back to get more. It’s inevitable).

And that’s it! The One of a Kind Show and Sale runs until Dec 3 at the Enercare Centre. I’ll be there again Thurs, Nov 30 for the late night shopping night. Will I see you??

*Media pass graciously provided by OOAK. All products purchased with my own cash moneyz.


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