Sample Killah: The Beginning

Sample Killah: The Beginning

So this is what 67 samples look like. 67 samples that have been piling up over the year. 67 samples I have been meaning to use but never had the motivation… until now.

Thanks to Kalyn Lord (dot com), we all now have some motivation to get through our samples. Throughout the month of July, she is holding a Sample Killah! And just for participating, you could win $50!!!

How does the Sample Killah work?
Step 1: Sign up here.
Step 2: Start using samples!
Step 3: Update weekly on your blog, IG, Twitter etc. of how many samples you killed.
Step 4: Profit?

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Kalyn has a simple plan of attack to help you get started!

Come back July 10, 17, 24 and 31 for updates on MY progress. And make sure to follow the hashtag #SampleKillah on Twitter and IG to see how everyone else is doing.

EDIT: I am now up to 78 samples…. so help me…


  • you can do it! i have so much of that natural glow stuff from jergens…

    • KILL IT WITH FIRE! I have orange streaks all over my legs.

      • haha! oh that’s why. perhaps i will take kalyn’s suggestion and use it a bit… higher. or as paint. i really have so much.

        • I just need to say…my butt looks beach-ready. So tanned…so, so very tanned.

  • Go Go Julie!
    I keep telling myself I should “save” my samples for when I need them for travelling etc but then again, I realize that going away for business/vacation isn’t the best time to try out new things in case my skin freaks out.

    • I always bring samples with me when I travel but I have only gone to one place this year. I think when I go to Australia in the fall, I will have mini sizes of all kinds of things in my bag! I am about 10 samples down (even a self tanner that turned me orange)