Sephora Spring/Summer 2016 preview #SephoraReveals

Sephora Spring/Summer 2016 preview #SephoraReveals

It only seemed fitting to have the Sephora Spring/Summer 2016 preview on a day that definitely felt like spring in Toronto. Brands repped were Sephora Collection including the new Minnie Mouse, Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Derek Crosby, Fresh, Laneige, Kate Somerville and Formula X nail. Now I wasn’t able to get photos of everything, but I think I captured everything I saw below. Enjoy!

(Prices are Canadian and Laneige is not available in the US)

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Collection accessories

As soon as I walked in, there was a HUGE display of makeup bags, hair accessories, tools, makeup, skincare and more. It was overwhelming and I for sure did not capture it all but here are some highlights. The theme for spring is called Lipstick Jungle and it features bright patterns and, in some cases, pineapples!
Some items shown above:
Shine Only From Within Blotting Paper Compact ($10)
Heart-to-Heart Makeup Sponges ($10)
Dry Revive Dry Body Brush ($18)
On the Mark Precision Tweezers ($20)
Tough as Nails Manicure Kit ($25)
Lipstick Jungle Train Case ($138)

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Collection skincare

SEPHORA SKINCARE (Sorry I don’t have prices)
Intensive Instant Moisture Cream
Total Age Defy Night Cream
8 hr Mattifying Moisturizer Sunscreen
Booster serums: Clarifying, Luminizing, Revitalizing

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Collection skincare 2

Breakups to Makeups Bags, they are patent-leather this season ($33)
Beaded Hair Ties ($11)
Bob and Weave Hair Ties ($15)
High Dive Hair Ties ($10)
Beauty Amplifier AfterGlow Primer & Luminizer ($20)
Brow Razors!

You’ll notice some brushes on the right, those are new, plus there is a new dry brush cleansing spray. And they’ve added a lot more to their ask line including lip masks, eye masks and hand masks!

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Collection makeup

Now most of the makeup was at the other end of the table but there was a crowd and I skipped past. I did, however, stop at these two Correct + Conceal palettes from the Sephora Pantone collection. I believe these are up on the US site already.
Colourful Eyeshadow – 115 shades ($16)
I <3 Cushion Eyeliner Kit ($23)
Wonderful Cushion Glowy Natural Finish Cushion Foundation in 6 shades – ($30)
Bright Future Colour Correctors ($18)
Perfection Mist Blush ($25)

Sephora Minnie Mouse collection

Available in April, this collection includes an eyeshadow palette, brush kit, blush, mirror, lipstick and liquid liners.

Sephora Minnie Mouse eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadow palette has 20 Sephora shadows in different shades and formulas. Pigmentation is good as is texture!

Sephora Minnie Mouse clutch

And you can pop the shadow tray out and use the case as a clutch!

Sephora Minnie Mouse mirror lipstick

The mirror is a cute little Minnie bow in gold and comes with a pouch. There’s also a cream red lipstick with a Minnie Mouse imprinted on the tip.

Sephora Minnie Mouse brush set blush

Two felt-tip liners, one blush and a killer brush set with Minnie Mouse bow stand. Sadly, I don’t have prices on these yet but stay tuned!

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 Kat Von D Colour Correct Eye Primer

There was a small Kat Von D station featuring her Lock-It Foundation/Beautyblender kit ($60) and these new Lock-It Colour Correcting Eyeshadow Primers in 5 shades! If you follow me on IG, you know there are Shade + Light shadow trios too. I was hoping to see those at the preview but no luck there.

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Marc Jacobs lipstick shades

There was quite a bit going on at this stop on my Sephora journey, but I didn’t snap good photos of everything. There is a new Ultra-Skinny Fineliner which is essentially the Highliner in twist-up form (already available), 3 new mascaras: Velvet Noir, Featherlight for bottom lashes and a gold glitter top coat, 5 new shades of nail polish in pastels and off whites, and there’s also the 3 mini Highliner set (also available now).

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Marc Jacobs lipstick shades 2

The Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme will have 5 new shade extensions including this gorgeous deep burgundy shade called Editrix.

Marc Jacobs colour correct stick

AND… Colour Correcting Primer Sticks that look like deodorant. These have a marble design and are really quite creamy and pigmented.

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Anastasia Beverly hills

Lots of news here! The single shadows will be available starting in March (I think the girl said 80 shades). AND we’re getting the rest of the Liquid Lipstick shades soon too, 21 shades including Sepia and Veronica.

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Anastasia Beverly hills Concealer

There’s a gorgeous ABH cream concealer coming and I’m in love. It’s super creamy and feels like silk on the skin, coming in 16 shades for $25 CAD each. If you look on the right side of this pic, you’ll notice some liners… those are metallic!

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Derek Crosby fragrance

During the holidays, there was a 10 fragrance sample set of this new line which are now available in two large format sizes at all Sephora store. My faves are 2am Kiss and Blackout.

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview Formula X nail

Lots of new shades are coming for the sheer, full strength and regular line, and new treatments too like The Fix.

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview App

We got to play around with the new Sephora Virtual Artist app which is available on iPhone/iPad as an app but also works beautifully in your browser. This uses the Modaface technology we’ve seen before (a Toronto company!) and really does let you try on makeup in real time!
Even more brands were there (and I can’t talk about Tarte’s release until Feb 16). Here’s the d/l on the rest:

  • Fresh now has a Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream
  • Laneige will release a Water Bank sheet mask and White Plus Sleeping Mask capsules
  • Kate Somerville has a new Goat Milk line that includes cream and a depuffing stick

Sephora Spring Summer 2016 preview end
I’m pretty excited, are you? I have a lot on my wishlist (like, all of it?) but I will defintely start with the Marc Jacobs deodorant-looking colour sticks, KVD eye primers, Sephora cushion foundation and lip masks and ALL that Minnie Mouse stuff!



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  • Ouuhhh I’m very excited about the Sephora skincare boosters! So many pretty things that I want. Siggghhh.

  • so many things!!!! that minni palette!

  • So many pretties!!!

  • reneeclementine

    Loooooooooove – everything looks so good!

  • Porsha Troost

    Yay! New MJ lipstick colors 🙂

  • Mackenzie

    Was there any news about ABH Highlighters? Thanks for the info. So much to look forward to!

    • No they didn’t mention them and I forgot to ask. All they had were the liners, concealers, shadows and liquid lips.

  • those MJ concealer sticks are soooo cool!

    • There is also a GLOW stick in the same shape. Take. My. Money.

  • Yyeesss, so excited for new Laneige releases!

    • I know! The lighting was so dark and my photos didn’t turn out but the little capsules were amazing.

  • You’re so fast!!! I’ll just repost yours!!!

  • I’m so for the single ABH eyeshadows! I freaking loved Pink Champagne, but I wasn’t fussed with the rest of the palette that had it. So hoping that comes out on it’s own, because I will be all over that shiz.

    Katherine || The Green Bows

  • Omg what a cool event!!! That’s really smart to allow the Minnie Mouse palette to also be used as a clutch.

  • eravi

    Hi! Do you have the INCI of Sephora Luminizing Booster Serum? Thank you!

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