Splat Washables Temporary Hair Color in Electric Blue

Splat Washables Temporary Hair Color in Electric Blue

I used to dye my hair all kinds of crazy colors: bright red, neon pink, deep purple. But then I grew up and got a legit career, took out all my facial piercings and went back to my natural hair color. And boy have I been missing the bold colored hair I used to have. So I decided to try Splat Washables temp hair dye.

Splat Washables Electric Blue
Splat Washables in Electric Blue – Now I haven’t used temp hair dye since high school. And back then it was hair mascara or spray and it was terrible. So I was mega skeptical. The texture out of the tube is a lot like an acrylic paint. You put a little on the included mascara brush and brush it through.

Splat Washables Electric Blue hair colour temporary
I had to do several applications to get the color I wanted. After that, it was really clumped together and wet. So I used a hair dryer to dry it out and separate the strands with my fingers… and…

Splat Washables Electric Blue temp hair colour
TA DA! Blue hair streak! It looks pretty realistic and if you keep the hair separated while it dries it won’t look clumpy.

What I like: this is a bold color and a little goes along way. I will probably get 5-6 more applications out of this. AND it didn’t dye my nails or clothes!
What I don’t like: you may need a friend to keep their eye on your skin for you until this is 100% dry. This dries down to a chalk-like texture and will transfer (just a small bit).

Splat Washables is available at Farleyco.ca for $8.99 each.

This product was received at no charge for review but the opinion is my own.

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