The largest Andy Warhol exhibit in Canada is now open in Toronto!

The largest Andy Warhol exhibit in Canada is now open in Toronto!

There’s just something about the bold and vibrant colours of Andy Warhol’s paintings and prints that inspires me and shakes me out of my routine. And that is exactly one of the things Andy Warhol Revisited: A Mirror for Today is reflecting on, the effect Warhol’s work has on today’s culture.

Warhol Revisited Revolver Gallery Toronto 2
This collection, which opened on July 1, is curated by the Revolver Gallery out of L.A. and is one of the world’s largest displays of Warhol’s work. You’ll find a lot of his most notable pieces such as the Marilyn triptych, Mick Jagger, the Campbell’s soup cans, quite a few of his Socialites portraits. But that’s not all you’ll find.

Warhol Revisited Revolver Gallery Toronto 1
The gallery aims to provide some insight into how Warhol built his artistic language over time as well as give visitors a glimpse into his NYC studio, The Factory. There are audio tours, an interactive mobile app and, quite often, special events. There’s even a gift shop at the end if you want to take some swag home with you.


Of course, the main draw for me is Marilyn. The Warhol Marilyns have been haunting me for years. I have bandanas, handbags, jewelery, tees all bearing one of these beautiful, bold and bright faces. And that is what inspired me today…

quadTo me, Warhol paintings are about being bold, questioning what “art” is and finding some sort of true inspiration to push the boundaries on yourself. I’ve never really played around with any sort of photo manipulation, and I never really do “theme” makeup, but my trip to Warhol Revisited has definitely sparked something!

So if you’re in Toronto, head to 77 Bloor St W and visit Revolver Gallery’s Warhol Revisited. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors (65+), $5 for students (full-time with ID) and youth (6 to 17), kids (under 5) free and 20 per cent off a group of 10 or more. It’s open until December 31!


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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Oh, I wish I were going to be in Toronto so I could go. I love Warhol’s work, and I’ve seen quite a bit over the years. Love your Warholification!

  • Oooooh – new hair do? Very Marilyn!

  • Yaaay I can’t wait, I’m planning on going at some point this month <3 Love the Warhol Julies!! You rock the look.

  • Ah, I’m so there- cannot wait to check this out! Love your Warhol portraits 🙂

  • Liz

    OMG! I am totally going there before the summer is up!