The tradition continues: My day at the CNE 2017

The tradition continues: My day at the CNE 2017

Another year, another successful day at the Canadian National Exhibition with Mom. This yearly tradition consists of sights, sounds and mostly shopping. You can check out my previous year’s posts here, a lot of which we repeat every year as far as food and vendors.

For our trip this year, we went on a Monday, which made things so much more chill. When I booked it off work little did I know it was ECLIPSE DAY! So when we go there, we headed over to where the U of T science peeps were handing out eclipse glasses to start our day. Luckily that was right next to…

The FARM ANIMALS! This section of the CNE isn’t one we always go to but there’s so much to see here like llamas, alpacas, piggies, cows, horses, butter sculptures and… well I’ll just show you.

A cool air garden you can step inside.

A faux corn maze.

Llamas (not to be confused with Alpacas, both of which are the cutest). All these cutie pie animals are born and raised in Ontario, plus you can meet some of the farmers on site and have a chat.

Then we strolled across the street to the Arts & Crafts Pavilion where some of my fave local indie artisans are. First, I stopped at Crywolf and grabbed a Blue Jays crop top and some pins (because if you know me, you know I am covered in at least 50 pieces of flair at all times).

And as always, we stopped by Danny Pollak jewelry to take a look-see at what his 2017 vibe is. And there was a discount bin… and we dug… and dug for discounts. I grabbed a few pieces for a great price.

By about noon, I was starving. So off to the Food building for something delicious. Predictable as always, I got the Thanksgiving waffle from Fran’s Diner. This is a stuffing waffle, pulled turkey, cran, onions, peas and gravy. My mom actually recreated this for Thanksgiving last year, and it was AMAZING!

And no trip to The Ex is complete without piping hot Tiny Tom donuts. Except this trip… we skipped it.

A nice stroll through the Midway took us by our fave game (we didn’t play this year though).

And as we walked to our next destination, this beautiful iconic view of the 6ix.

As we entered Enercare Centre to hit up some shopping, we stopped to admire the beautiful sand sculptures. (I think this is Simon Cowell, right?)

We even got to watch one of the artists at work!

If you see this banner hanging from the ceiling, you know you’re about to get some good deals!

Now I won’t describe the deals in detail. I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

This is just one shot of the many, many Elizabeth Grant products available at the Sale Event booth.

Next to Sale Event was this ridiculous shoe blowout. I go here every year and always find deals on Sam Edelman, Cole Haan, Franco Sarto.

And in the back of the Enercare Centre, there are even more deals! 

Like these Adventure Time “BMO” Doc Martens. Why did I not buy them???

Or if you’re looking to re-enact some sort of Hansel and Gretel story, they have giant stock pots that could fit a child inside!

But my fave purchases of the day… were these two things:

A hand painted and airbrushed 3D model Star Wars canvas!!! This was around $30 and was one of the last of its kind since the artist is retiring. You can check his booth out in the Arts & Crafts pavilion.

Yes, I was one of those people who, in a section full of As Seen on TV products and hot tubs, bought a Vitamix. It was a fantastic deal and well… my mom got it for me as an early bday gift!

The CNE runs right through the Labour Day weekend, so you still have time left to go. You can plan your trip ahead on, and if you download the CNE Rewards app and leave it on while you’re there, you get a free ticket to come back! (I’ll be going back this upcoming weekend)



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  • Nice! I want one of those Vitamix blenders. I may have to check it out this weekend when I stop by.

  • CNE is always a good time! I’ve been going every year since I was a little girl. There’s so much to do!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge