These are the People in my Neighbourhood: My Tour of the Deciem Factory!

These are the People in my Neighbourhood: My Tour of the Deciem Factory!

A couple years ago, something curious appeared in my neighbourhood. It was an old warehouse turned into a quirky little factory with the words “The Abnormal Beauty Company” painted on the outside. I did a bit of research on this company, Deciem, and the personality and passion really intrigued me.

So week after week, I walk by this factory and take a peek inside to see what’s cooking. And finally one day I found myself with a spare weekday and I immediately reached out to ask if they would let me in this magical building for a tour. They said yes!

Deciem 1
First, I should mention my fantastic tour guides, Mira and Eric (the two lovely humans waving to you in the main photo). They were so generous with their time and spent over an hour demonstrating products and answering questions.

When you first step into Deciem, you’ll notice the open concept office with its high ceilings, copious amounts of sunlight and constant buzz of energy. What you may not know is that this is a one-stop shop of chemistry, testing, formulating, packaging, marketing, shipping.

As someone who works in advertising, I can only dream of working side-by-side with the people who make and test the products I’m writing about.

Our tour started in the lab where I met a couple of the chemists who were mixing up some Niod serums.

Deciem Factory 2

Next up was this crazy room where production happens. All products are mixed in this room before being packaged up…

Deciem Factory 2

And this is where product meets container!

Deciem Factory 2

Fun story, this machine is right in the window and people can watch them package up some skin goodies every day of the week.

Deciem Factory 2

When I was there, they had just finished up a batch of Hand Chemistry, my gateway drug into Deciem (check my review here).

Deciem Factory 2

More Niod packaging going on. And about that packaging… each product line has a distinct design and personality (all clean, modern and eye-catching too). The package design is done in-house, which I can imagine takes a lot less back and forth since everyone is in the same place!

Deciem Factory 2
Can I just dive into this bin of Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age please?

Deciem 2
Deciem ships from their factory in Toronto (literally down the street from me) to anywhere in the world. Shipping is extremely reasonable (and free within Canada), and you can add any product from any of their product lines to your cart and combine into one order! And Deciem currently has MORE than 10 product lines to choose from… such as…

Deciem Ab Crew

There’s Ab Crew, a line designed especially for dudes trying to get buff.

Deciem Fountain Avestan
And there’s also Fountain, internal supplement, and Avestan, an “abnormal” fragrance.

Deciem hif
You may have seen hif (hair is fabric) in your local department store, The Bay in Canada, and yep that is Deciem too!

And now it is time to sit down and play!

Deciem Hand Chemistry 2
We started off with what really put Deciem on everyone’s radar, Hand Chemistry. It’s the #1 selling hand cream in the UK and has won quite a few awards here in Canada. And there’s good reason for it, this cream targets EIGHT signs of aging and actually works. The line has grown to also include Heel Chemistry, my go-to foot cream, and two forms of high-concentration hyaluronic acid at a crazy good price point.

The Hylamide packaging reminds me of Pantone chips!

Deciem Hylamide 2

The line is a series of boosters and serums that work on multiple levels of the skin to truly target problems and solve them. I’ve been using SubQ Eyes and the Glow Booster for several weeks and… I look gooood.

Deciem Niod 2

I have been really curious about Niod (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) after reading an amazing review on my friend Natalie’s blog.

Deciem Niod Photography Fluid
What I was most intrigued with was the Photography Fluid because of its ability to reduce redness and blur imperfections (because hey, I have both of those!)

Deciem Photography Fluid

Mira did a demo of the fluid and as you can see her hand has NO redness and is brighter than the rest of her arm.

Note: I raved so much about this product to my mom she even bought one for herself!

Deciem hif 2

Oddly enough, my friend Ella and I were talking about the new trend in haircare a few days before…. cleansing conditioner! Meet Hair is Fabric (aka “hif”), a line of cleansing conditioners that, you guessed it, treat your hair like fabric! It is seriously like dry cleaning for your hair.

Deciem Grow Gorgeous

Another Deciem innovation in hair care is the Grow Gorgeous line which includes serums, conditioners and masques.

Deciem Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum

More thoughtfully packaged goodies! I mean these glass bottles and droppers are killin’ me!

Deciem Fountain Supplement

Fountain is a dietary supplement that works from the inside out to make you look or feel good! “Molecules” include Beauty, Glow, Geek, Energy and even Happy!

IG (2)

Other brands under the Deciem umbrella include Inhibitif (a hair growth inhibitor), White RX (a skin lightener), and there are three more brands in the works!

Yep, all that and more accomplished in two short years! That’s what you get when you put a bunch of passionate, smart and collaborative people in a building together.

Keep up with Deciem on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, you should definitely make a trip to the Deciem building (and bring me along!)




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  • How cool that you got a tour! I’m so curious about the Niod serums and the photography fluid especially!

  • Nice! I’m curious about the Hair is Fabric line. I’ve been co-washing for years with cleansing conditioners. It’s huge in the natural hair care community and has been for years. It will be interesting to see how the ‘mainstream’ community reacts to it.

  • wish i could have visited ttooooo. i have a few of the hylamide products but have yet to dive in. i really want to see what they have in store for their fragrance lines though!

  • Jayne

    That’s so cool that you got to see it in action!

  • Their packaging definitely intrigues me! I kind of want to try everything. I always see Hand Chemistry but I’ve never actually tried it. I love the photos of your tour! It makes me want to just grab one and run :p heh