Topbox Canada June 2014 review

Topbox Canada June 2014 review

Alright, I’ll keep this short. I gave Topbox another chance after being fairly disappointed last month. I grabbed the regular Topbox this month and … well I just cancelled.

Not that I’m disappointed in the value, I just don’t love the products or the prive options. And with great boxes like Ipsy and Memebox, I don’t feel the need to keep my subscription active.

Here’s what I got:

  • TEEEZ Chain of Stones Lacquer – A nice minty teal colour, high gloss finish. Not a very unique shade though. Retails for $15 CAD
  • BAREFOOT VENUE Lip Fable – Basic lip balm, it’s not as good as my EOS. I’ll just stash this away for emergencies. Retails for $7.50 CAD
  • KMS CALIFORNIA Hairstay style boost – I believe this is a style primer? I have so many hair products I rarely use, so again this will probably go to waste on me. Retails for $22 CAD (I received a half-size)
  • BIODERMA Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel – At first I was mega excited that this was a face cleansing gel, but sadly another shower gel. I am all stocked up with shower gel from Lush! Retails for $14.95 CAD


Topbox subscriptions are only $14 CAD all-in
(Subbies I still have: Ipsy, Julep, Luxe Box)




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  • Short but sweet! It does seem like good products, but nothing “wow” or super awesome.

    • I was so excited for the gel to be a face cleanser too! With all the products I have already, this isn’t worth keeping (plus they don’t even have a referral program, so why bother advertising for them!?)

  • Oh, I was so excited when I saw this since I thought the Bioderma was a face cleanser too but boo! A shower gel? Ipsy seems to have stepped up their game, and their boxes look amazing for the price!

  • I think it’s a pretty nice box. But yeah, I’m not exactly blown away by it either.

    • It’s definitely a great value, just not something I would use. I love Ipsy and Julep, and I think that’s enough for me!

  • dang when i saw the photo i was hoping you got a bioderma skin product (well…face skin, not body skin) shower gel is good. i ggueesss 😛

    A Beautiful Zen

  • Yeah, I don’t subscribe to Topbox, but from what I have seen from them I am not missing very much!

    • It’s a good value, but a lot of repeat products (lots of hair stuff). At least with Ipsy I get fun makeup bags and brands I may have never tried.

  • Cassandra Turcotte

    Your post makes TopBox sound so… exciting. lol

  • I’ve heard great things about that Bioderma shower gel! But ya, this box isn’t that exciting 🙁

  • Yeah I can see how this box is meh.

  • Yeah, I cancelled over a year ago because it just didn’t feel worth it. Sometimes they have cool things but not often enough for ~$14 a month. I still love reading unboxing posts though!