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Welcome to Swatch & Review!

If you’re just discovering this blog now, hey there! I’m Julie. A 40-year-old weirdo, copywriter-by-day with a big heart for all things beauty-related. This blog is a one-woman show based out of Toronto, Canada.

So what can you expect here? A little bit of everything. I have a major MAC Cosmetics addiction, so expect a lot of talk and excitement about upcoming collections. This blog is geared towards my Canadian readers as far as pricing and where to buy, but I still love hearing from everyone around the world.

This is where you’ll find out how products really look and feel on a regular person. I’m average at applying makeup, terrible at nail art and I have fairly temperamental skin. I spend a lot of time with a few of my fellow blogger friends travelling through Canada and the US shopping, attending makeup seminars and just having fun. Make sure to follow my Instagram for all my adventures.

Stay classy,
Julie Martinson

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