Avon mark Neon Gaze and Neon Kisses review

Avon mark Neon Gaze and Neon Kisses review

My future is looking bright with Avon mark. Neon Gaze and Neon Kisses. New for Summer 2014, these stunners will add a pop of colour to your look without being over the top.

First, the Avon mark. Neon Gaze eyeshadows. There are four colours in the collection, the other two being Orange Sizzle and Purple Fever. They can be applied wet or dry (I went with dry, sheer application), and they have a baked quality to them.

Avon mark neon gaze yellow
Sun Flash – A bright, clean yellow with shimmer.

Avon mark neon gaze blue
Neon Gaze – Clear, ocean blue shimmer.

Avon mark neon gaze sun flash eyeshadow swatch
Applied dry, these can be quite sheer but easily blendable. On my hand, the yellow appears a bit chalky.

Avon mark neon gaze sun flash eyeshadow 1
I like the sheerness of these shades. The yellow isn’t too over the top and almost matches the centre of my eye!

Avon mark neon gaze sun flash eyeshadow 2
I applied some of the blue in the crease and it mixed together with the yellow to create a mint green colour.

Avon mark neon gaze eyeshadow 1
I don’t typically wear blue shadow, but this one is sheer enough that it’s subtle and not too “80s”.

Avon mark neon gaze eyeshadow 2
I added a little pop of yellow to the inner corner for fun. Again, sheer yet playful.

This isn’t chalky nor is there a lot of fall out. Pigmented, great texture, and I like how it sheers out nicely.
With primer, this wears around 5 hours.

Avon mark neon kisses wild orange twisted lime swatch
The Avon mark. Neon Kisses lip glosses come in four colours, the others being Neon Kisses (a pink) and Grape Ice.
Swatched 2x above, Wild Orange is a nice sheer warm coral and Twisted Lime is a very sheer lime with lots of gold sparkle.

Avon mark neon kisses twisted lime lip gloss review
In the tube, Twisted Lime looks insanely bright and very green. I was actually hoping it would be this bright on my lips.

Avon mark neon kisses twisted lime lip gloss
Twisted Lime requires quite a bit of the formula to get the sparkle to show up. But it’s worth it. I love how much the gold reflects, and it is not gritty at all.

Avon mark neon kisses lip gloss
Wild Orange has no shimmer at all, even though the swatch on Avon.ca shows some. It’s a nice lipgloss, very hydrating with a flattering tint to it.

At first, I couldn’t figure out the scent, but I am sure it is honey (although not listed in the ingredients). This is non-tacky, moisturizing and it’s possible my lips are plumper? Maybe?
As with all lipgloss, this wore about 3 hours and I had to reapply.

Although these “neon” offerings from Avon aren’t quite as bright as the box would suggest, I still dig them.

You can pick up Avon mark. Neon Gaze eyeshadows for $11 each and Neon Kisses lipgloss for $14 CAD each from your local Avon rep or from Avon.ca.