Cult Cosmetics BlackBox review

Cult Cosmetics BlackBox review

Another subscription box? Yes. Is this one worth it? Let’s find out.

I’ve been a part of numerous services: Julep, Topbox, Luxe, Glymm, Panty By Post, Ipsy… so I am very familiar with what to expect and the value (or lack there of sometimes).

Cult Cosmetics is fairly new to the subscription game as far as I know. The cost is $19.99 (USD) + $5 shipping to the US or Canada. And you get 50% off the box cost for the first month (so $15 total).

Not bad when you see what I just got in the mail!
(As always, click photos for full size images)

Cult Cosmetics - Essie nail polish

Essie - Where's My Chaffeur?  Essie - Sand Tropez nail polish  Essie - Pink-A-Boo

First, I got these amazing Essie nail polishes. All full size! Now, here in Canada these are between $7-10. So already worth the money for the first discounted box.

Where’s My Chaffeur?: A gorgeous teal cream polish that is opaque in 1 coat (2 to be safe).
Sand Tropez: My new favorite nude color. I find most are too warm and yellow for my skin. This is a nice nude light taupe cream. Opaque in 2-3 coats.
Pink-A-Boo: I am kinda “meh” about this one. Another sheer pink with multi-faceted shimmer. I will probably give this to my niece.

But wait, there’s more!

Gold nail glitter  Mash nail art pen

They also included 2 sponges for ombre or glitter effects (not shown), a large jar of gold glitter, a Mash black matte nail art pen.
What I like most about these add-ons is the art pen. It’s a rigid pen tip, not a brush (so make sure your nails are 100% dry!). For the artistically challenged, like moi, it is easier to make a straight line.

Nails did!  Nails did!

Two different shots, the first to show you the glitter effect of Pink-A-Boo on my ring finger. The second is my for-real look of today. I think it turned ok!

The only thing I think this box is missing is some instructions or tips on what to do with all this. Maybe a look book or inspiration would be nice.

Final verdict? Give Cult Cosmetics BlackBox a try. For $15 USD, it’s worth a shot!

(Note: The above link is NOT an affiliate link. I am in no way associated with Cult Cosmetics and I paid for this box myself!)