Find the ONE with Revlon’s new mascara collection!

Find the ONE with Revlon’s new mascara collection!

You know what mascara shopping is like. Everything looks the same, sounds the same… and there’s so much choice! But Revlon has made it really easy for you to get what you’re looking for with their new mascara collection. (And you’re all replacing those mascaras every three months, right?)

Revlon Mascara review 2

So let’s get to know Revlon’s new mascara options, they’re even colour-coded for you! Each one has a different brush to deliver different results and help you achieve exactly the look you want. Maybe you’re feeling bold and want something dramatic. Or maybe you’re looking for some killer long and flirty lashes. Yep, there’s a mascara for that. Easy, peasy!

Revlon Ultra Volume mascara

Revlon Ultra Volume mascara has a Lash Plumping brush that gives you thick, full and rich lashes that are clump-free. This is MEGA volume, friends. Like in your face bold lashes. (This mascara pairs perfectly with cat eye liner)

Revlon Super Length mascara

Revlon Super Length mascara gives you long, flirty lashes. Like the kind that hit the insides of your sunglasses and make you feel like you’re wearing falsies. The Revlon Lash Stretch brush has tapered tips to coat even the stumpiest lashes! (This is what I use when I want my lashes to be the star)

Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara review
Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara will make it look like you have layers and layers of lashes. The Lash Separator Brush gives every lash a chance to shine coating them in a smooth and flexible formula. Clump-free, defined and feathery! (This one is my everyday look)

Revlon Volume Length Magnified mascara

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified mascara gives you long, flirty lashes that are intense and bold. Why not have the best of both worlds? The Magnifying Lash brush is similar to that of the Ultra Volume but it has denser fibres for that full lash look. (This is my date night mascara)

Revlon Ultimate All In One mascara review
Revlon Ultimate All-In-One mascara is perfect if you want it all! Get volume, lift, length, bold colour and definition for a total lash makeover! The unique Power Mini Brush reaches every lash and gives you precise application. (This is my go-to mascara for late nights and events)

Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara review 2

Let’s chat a bit more about my everyday mascara, Dramatic Definition. Like all of Revlon’s new mascaras, the packaging has edges, making it easy to open and lay flat on my vanity. (Can I get an amen?)

Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara review 3
The cap fits perfectly in my hand too, so no slipping during application. This is especially good for those of us who are a bit clumsy.

Revlon mascara before

These are my lashes. No nonsense, stubby and a bit blonde. I need help, y’all!

Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara after 1

These are my Revlon Dramatic Definition lashes! I feel like I have a zillion lashes when I wear this mascara and each one is beautifully defined, and there are no clumps.

Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara after 2
I don’t even need eyeshadow with these lashes, just brows and mascara and DONE!

Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara after 3
I’ve definitely found “the one” perfect for my everyday look. It was easy, I actually took Revlon’s mascara matching quiz! And shockingly, I got the purple colour-coded one. What are the odds?

Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara look
Lashes for dayz!

Revlon Mascara review 3

So what are you looking for in a mascara? I guarantee Revlon has a mascara perfect for you, just head to your local Revlon display!
The new Revlon mascara retails for $11.99 CAD and can be purchased at drugstores and mass retailers across Canada.
*This post has been sponsored by Revlon Canada but opinions are my own.