HISTOLAB 47% Vita C Complex Ampoule review

HISTOLAB 47% Vita C Complex Ampoule review

You probably already know I love KBeauty products. So when Kalyn Lord introduced me to HISTOLAB, a Korean skincare company that focuses on hypoallergenic skin care with plant derived ingredients, I wanted… everything. The first product I’m trying out is the 47% Vita C Complex Ampoule.

Histolab 47 Vita C Complex Ampoule Derma Science 1
Now my experience with skincare “ampoules” has been limited to sample sizes, but this one is huge! A full 50ml housed in a really sturdy glass bottle with a high-quality medicinal-grade dropper.
The formula is a milky clear thin liquid, much  like a serum. I pat 2-3 drops of this on my skin at night after toning and before night cream. It is unscented and sinks into the skin fast, leaving behind a smooth, non-greasy non-sticky texture.

Histolab 47 Vita C Complex Ampoule Derma Science 3

Benefits of the HISTOLAB 47% Vita C Complex:

  • Skin lightening (Vitamin C)
  • Melanin synthesis inhibitory (Arbutin)
  • Evening out skin tone (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
  • Soothing/moisturizing ( Sodium Hyaluronate)

Now you may be thinking what I was thinking… melanin synthesis inhibitory? So let me Google that for you:
“Inhibiting melanin production does not result in a noticeable reduction in pigmentation for the first few weeks but because the skin naturally renews itself every 28 days or so pigmented cells are gradually sloughed off and keratinocytes with less melanin are eventually brought to the surface, giving the skin a lighter, more even-toned complexion.”

I have been using this nightly for about a month and yes my skin looks great. The few age spots I already have seem lighter, and overall I am quite happy with the supple quality of my skin.

HISTOLAB 47% Vita C Complex Ampoules are available online from Yalili.com, for $50 USD per 50ml.