IMATS NY: Lisa Eldridge on the beauty industry, building a career and being a #GirlBoss!

IMATS NY: Lisa Eldridge on the beauty industry, building a career and being a #GirlBoss!

The sessions and demos at every IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) always inspire me. So when they announced Lisa Eldridge, Global Creative Director for Lancome, as this year’s Keynote speaker for IMATS NY, I was thrilled that we had already planned our trip!

For about an hour, Lisa and IMATS director Michael Key chatted organically about everything from her experiences in the beauty world to how to be successful in the industry. She had amazing anecdotes and some great advice… and I’ve tried to capture it all here for you!

(I also got to meet her and get my book signed after. She was so lovely and humble.)

IMATS NY 2016 Lisa Eldridge keynote

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the makeup industry. We’re seeing so many new trends, so much technological innovation and a lot of cross-pollination of cultures, that there hasn’t been this much of a “boom” in the beauty industry since it really became commercially successful in the 1920s. Lisa is very involved on the innovation side at Lancome, and she is listening to what we want. She takes trends and needs from all over the world and helps incorporate them into new product development (which can take up to 2 years, btw). The most recent Lancome launch, the Juicy Shaker, is a result of this fast-moving and “always on” community. It’s part new technology, part customer feedback and part creative innovation.

IMATS NY 2016 Lisa Eldridge keynote 4

And with the rise of beauty blogs and communities, we’re seeing a lot more transparency too. Brands have to release products that can live up to their claims. Brands have to be truthful. But it’s not just about that, the rise of the YouTube beauty star has made it so inspiring to be a part of the community. We’re sharing, learning and motivating others to do better and be better, and we can test products without even going to the store (ie – swatches, tutorials online), we can be critical and discerning about a product before handing over our credit cards. The consumer is really in the driver’s seat.

IMATS NY 2016 Lisa Eldridge keynote 5

The most important message from Lisa though, was all about how to build the career you want. She spoke at length on how she got her start, and her one piece of advice was to take jobs that make sense for your goals, don’t take any job just for the money. This really hit home for me because I have always tried to take on opportunities that make me happy and are in-line with my interests without taking something on just because I can get paid. Be picky, it’s your career and it is what you make of it!

Lisa Eldridge reminded us all to work hard, never settle and make our own rules. She inspired a room full of makeup enthusiasts, professionals and fans and made our IMATS trip from Toronto to NYC worth it! I can’t wait to see what’s in store this year’s IMATS Toronto.

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