MAC Cosmetics Masterclass Oval 3 Brush review

MAC Cosmetics Masterclass Oval 3 Brush review

The MAC Cosmetics Masterclass brushes were added to the permanent collection in November. And they have been flying off the shelves ever since. I know what you’re thinking, “that brush looks like a toothbrush”, but trust me. This brush will change your makeup routine.

MAC Cosmetics Masterclass Oval 3 brush packaging
There are 3 brushes in the range:

  • Linear 1 brush
  • Oval 3 brush
  • Oval 6 brush

I currently have TWO of the Oval 3 brushes and am on a waitlist for the Oval 6 (it is just that popular). Let me explain why…
MAC Cosmetics Masterclass Oval 3 brush review 1
First, let’s talk about the shape. The oval shape makes it perfect for contouring in small area like around the nose. It gives the beginning and end of each contour line a beautiful tapered off look. This is also true when using this on your eye crease: it packs product in the centre and tapers off at the ends.

MAC Cosmetics Masterclass Oval 3 brush review 1
The bristles are dense yet soft. And because of the design, product just sits on top so you won’t waste anything AND it’s really easy to clean.

MAC Cosmetics Masterclass Oval 3 brush review 3
Measurements: 15mm wide, 10mm long, and 8mm in thickness.  It has a total length of inches 5.75 inches or 14.5 centimeters. Pretty standard, and just a bit shorter than my beloved MAC 217 brush.

Eyeshadow (powder) – At first, I read a lot of people used this for defining the crease of their eye. Now I have a lot of trouble getting a good “crease” since I don’t really have one as my eye is slightly hooded. This is perfect for finding the crease right under my browbone and depositing just enough shadow.
Contouring + Concealing (cream) – Now I generally use a bigger brush for contouring with powder, but this is perfect if you want a drastic contrast using cream products on the bridge of your nose and right in the hollows of your cheeks. The density and shape is perfect for blending sculpting creams. It is also perfect and blurring in concealer under my eyes!

The OVAL 3 BRUSH is $38.50 CAD available at any standalone MAC store and online at

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