MAC Cosmetics Rocky Horror FrankNFurter and Sin lipstick review

MAC Cosmetics Rocky Horror FrankNFurter and Sin lipstick review

Take a jump to the left… and then a step to the right. With your hands on your hip, you bring your knees in tight. It’s TIME WARP TIME!!! The MAC Rocky Horror collection launched this week (and promptly sold out online, even with 1 restock on .CA). Luckily, I was able to snag some lipsticks to play with: FrankNFurter and Sin.
MAC Rocky Horror Frank N Furter Sin lipstick
FRANK-N-FURTER, which is also the name of Tim Curry’s character in Rocky Horror Picture Show, is a deep raspberry wine matte.
SIN is a deep dark blue red matte, and is also a permanent shade in MAC’s collection.

That packaging on this is a shiny finish versus the regular frost packaging. And there is a Rocky Horror overlay lacquered over top.


MAC Rocky Horror FrankN Furter comparison dupe lipstick swatch
FRANK-N-FURTER next to MAC CHARMED I’M SURE (Marilyn LE). Charmed is close, but a bit lighter and cooler.


MAC Rocky Horror FrankNFurter lipstick swatch
My lips were pretty parched while doing this review but FrankNFurter isn’t too dry of a matte formula so no big deal. It didn’t feather and did stick to my lips very well. It is highly pigmented and just gorgeous!


MAC Rocky Horror FrankNFurter swatches
This last through dinner and drinks AND a gelato. Left a slight stain after removal, but nothing too heavy. Definitely one of my new fave reds.


MAC Cosmetics Rocky Horror lipstick Sin Melt 666 comparison dupe swatch
SIN on the left, Melt Cosmetics 666 on the right. These are very close to identical, but Sin is just a bit more matte/dry.


MAC Rocky Horror Sin lipstick review
This is the second time photographing this, I had to put a lot of balm underneath to keep it from getting patchy (which is why it is a bit less matte here). This is a very matte, matte and somewhat dry. I love the shade though and it wears for quite a long time without fading.


MAC Rocky Horror Sin lipstick swatch
Shown here with no lip primer or balm underneath, the colour is really vampy and stunning but the finish is just a bit too dry for me.

The MAC Cosmetics Rocky Horror collection is out now, with very very limited stock left in stores. But keep your eye out for more online restocks!

WHAT DID YOU PICK UP FROM THIS COLLECTION? Stay tuned next week for my review of Oblivion lipstick and It’s Not Easy Having a Good Time pigment.