MAC Razzledazzler and Impassioned Lipglass review

MAC Razzledazzler and Impassioned Lipglass review

Just when I had my MAC Mondays planned out for the next few weeks, MAC goes and makes some previously limited edition lipsticks and lipglasses part of their permanent line! So naturally I was excited to share the ones I have in my collection. This week, I’ll focus on the lipglass shades I have that are now back: Razzledazzler and Impassioned.

MAC Razzledazzler lipglass 3
Razzledazzler – Originally launched in April 2012 with the Fashion Sets, this milky pink coral is the perfect accompaniment to the Razzledazzler lipstick (which is now permanent in North America as well).

MAC Razzledazzler lipglass
The colour is a very beautiful neutral color on me. Almost opaque but not quite.

MAC Razzledazzler lipglass 2
This has the typical lipglass formula, a hint of sweet smell and a very thick and somewhat tacky glassy texture. This does settle in lip lines a bit but it is quite nice over lipstick (see my Razzledazzler lipstick review to see this lipglass layered!)

MAC Impassioned lipglass 3
Impassioned – Introduced in the same Fashion Sets collection as Razzledazzler, Impassioned is a warm bright pink-red lipglass. It is inspired by the original Impassioned lipstick that is already part of the permanent collection.

MAC Impassioned lipglass
It is easy to wear this color in a few ways. A light application will give you a semi-opaque berry tint (shown above), and adding more product will leave your lips a little brighter and bolder.


MAC Impassioned lipglass 2
The formula is pretty standard for lipglass. This one settles in the lines a bit but luckily for me it didn’t feather too much. It’s semi-opaque and quite lovely.

MAC Razzledazzler and Impassioned lipglass swatch
What I like about both of these lipglass shades is that they aren’t too flashy or full of glitter, they are just perfect everyday lipglass shades!

There are 11 lipglass shades in total that are making a comeback to the permanent line. Some of the others I plan to get are Rebel and Girl About Town (based off the popular lipstick shades, just like these ones!)

Stay tuned for next MAC Monday where I’ll review some of the new additions to the permanent line of lipsticks!