My IMATS LA 2018 Haul!

My IMATS LA 2018 Haul!

Did you know that I’ve now attended IMATS in three different cities? That’s right, from Toronto to New York and now LA, I’ve been able to get my hands on products we don’t have in Canada, listen to some great talks, and even meet and greet with small brand owners!

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Pinky Rose Cosmetics City Brights Eyeshadow palette

One of the first booths we hit up was Pinky Rose Cosmetics. There has been a ton of Instagram hype on this brand and we wanted to see what it was all about. I actually thought I had bought the Center Stage palette (warm neutrals) and was surprised to find the Bright Lights when I unboxed everything. I’m pretty excited to try out these bold shades though!

Violet Voss hashtag eyeshadow palette

Next up was Violet Voss. There wasn’t really anything exclusive or special about the booth, but we did all pick up the Hashtag palette (even though it’s available at Sephora, we did save a few bucks).

Facetory Honey mask

One of the things I love about IMATS is you get to discover new brands. Facetory is a Korean face mask subscription box that even delivers to Canada! Starting at $5.95 USD (+ shipping) you get a monthly delivery of masks!

LA Girl Just Blush IMATS la

Another brand not easily available in Canada, LA Girl had a huge booth and the prices were unreal. $4 USD for pretty much every product. So yea, I bought two contour shades and three blushes. (I also bought some brow pencils). You can’t go wrong for $4!

Static nails press on fake imats la

I had heard some great things about Static Nails, reusable pop-on fake nails, so I jumped at the chance to see them in person. And of course, I bought myself two packs for fun since I am the WORST at painting my nails.

Static Nails red bottoms

The black matte ones even have the red bottoms!

Beautyblender bag LA IMATS Stilazzi

Then there was the booth I spent the most time at… Stilazzi/Frends. These booths are at every IMATS and there are some deals, deals, deals. The Beautyblender bag was only $35 USD and you get 4 sponges, a solid cleanser and the drying bag.

Anastasia beverly hills soft brown medium eyebrow pencil

Anastasia Brow Wiz was $15 USD (about $18 CAD, compared to $27 retail) and the Dipbrow was $13 USD.

Melt Cosmetics Haze eyeshadow stack

This Melt Stack in Haze was so gorgeous I could not resist. And it was only $34 USD compared to the regular $48 pricetag. Plus if I ever want to order these to Canada, shipping is about $10.

Stillazi false eyelashes wispy

I also grabbed a few sets of false lashes, just in case. I mean I never wear these things but for $1.50 a set, that’s a pretty low risk.

Stilazzi brushes imats la haul

And while I was waiting for checkout, I grabbed these two brushes! They were both so soft, like cats.

Royal and Langnickel brushes IMATS LA haul

And speaking of brushes, for me this IMATS was all about getting fresh new brushes and tools. I stopped at Royal Langnickel to pick up a few odds and ends, and the Omnia Gold natural hair line blew my mind. That tiny brow brush is phenomenal! And see that unicorn fan brush, that was free with purchase.

Smith brushes imats review

Last but not least, Smith Cosmetics for… more brushes. I picked up a couple of these at Toronto IMATS and have never been so smitten with a brush before. For 20% off (and no shipping of course) I decided to treat myself. These are not cheap by any means but are well worth it. And that pointed crease brush is unlike anything I have used before.

Next IMATS for me will be in Toronto in the fall, and we’re already considering a trip to London, UK in 2019!