Schaf Natural and Organic (and Canadian) Skincare review

Schaf Natural and Organic (and Canadian) Skincare review

Quite a few brands have reached out to us at the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network over the past year, and I LOVE when those brands are Canadian! One of the reasons we started the network was to give Canadians a boost (and because I guess we’re incredibly patriotic). Today, I have a few products from a natural, organic skincare brand from Canada called Schaf.

Schaf products contain a unique blend of plant extracts formulated to clean, nurture, and protect your skin, utilizing natural and organic ingredients that perform exceptionally well, without the harsh, harmful, synthetic chemicals, irritants, and fragrances commonly found in commercial brands.

Schaf skincare scrub

White Lava Purifying Scrub – $30 CAD
This contains white lava and ground apricot seed to purify and exfoliate the skin. This is a great alternate to microbeads since all ingredients are biodegradable!

Schaf skincare scrub 2

The scrub is a bit thick and can be tough to squeeze out of the bottle, so I just unscrew the lid and force it out. This foams up a bit and leaves my skin feeling fresh.

Schaf skincare moisturizer

Nutritive Daily Moisturizer – $45 CAD
This has a blend of plant extracts, peptides and hyaluronic acid to give you oil-free hydration. Formula contains avocado, grapeseed, pumpkin and shea butter and works great under makeup. The one thing I didn’t like is that it takes a lot of massaging to absorb fully into the skin.

Schaf skincare eye cream

Nutritive Daily Eye Cream – $40 CAD
Probably my favourite out of the three products, this has both peptides and hyaluronic acid (much like the moisturizer). It’s extremely hydrating, and it soothes and de-puffs a little.

All the Schaf products I tried are vegan Eco certified, not tested on animals, Certified Organic and free from: parabens, artificial colours/fragrances, sulfates, gluten and more. You can purchase Schaf skincare online directly or try them out in store at Jacob & Sebastian or The Detox Market in Toronto (or other retailers listed on their site).


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